Review: Wemyss Malts – Sweet Mint Infusion (Aultmore) – 1991

sweet-mint-infusionlowresContinuing my look at Wemyss Malts pre-Christmas releases, today I’m reviewing…

Sweet Mint Infusion (Aultmore) – 1991/22yo – 46%

Colour: Pale Straw.
Nose: A nose with some age on it, rather beautiful and keeps you nosing for ages. Sweet and oaky.
Palate: Treats you gently with some spices building after a while when left on the tongue. Full mouthfeel. The pinch of sweet spice and some oak combine to become almost fizzy. Yum. Classic bourbon summer fruits.
Finish: The summer berry fruits come through more on the finish, sweet, malty, and relaxing.
Thoughts: The age has worked well here, it’s a pleasure to drink and is nicely balanced. The official note mentions peppermint, I don’t particularly get that. 86.
Available: Master Of Malt for £98.89

Review: Wemyss Malts – Eastern Promise (Glen Elgin) – 1995

eastern-promiselowresContinuing my look at Wemyss Malts pre-Christmas releases, today I’m reviewing…

Eastern Promise (Glen Elgin) – 1995/18yo – 46%

Colour: Light Straw Yellow
Nose: Delicate, light malt and faint hints of smoke.
Palate: Sweet, smooth, oily and rich, intermingled with some damp wood, vanilla toffee and gentle spices.
Finish: Strong, long, malty and spiced.
Thoughts: An interesting dram with a touch of class and intrigue. 85.
Available: Drambusters for £66.

Review: Wemyss Malts – Citrus Burst (Linkwood) – 1997

citrus-burstlowresWemyss has named and bottled 12 single casks for their pre-Christmas releases, and today we take a quick look at…

Citrus Burst (Linkwood) – 1997/16yo – 46%

Colour: Delicate straw.
Nose: Gentle giant, delicate yet strong. Beefy and malty in one go. Late summer evening in a field.
Palate: Instantly spicy on your palate although draws back before it’s too much. Fairly oily. Some citrus.
Finish: Quite a long warming finish packed full of flavour with gentle, sweet oak notes at the end.
Thoughts: What a great Speyside dram, just what you’d hope, although maybe too spicy to actually call it smooth. 84.
Available: The Whisky Barrel for £69.12.

News and Review: Glenfiddich – The Cask Collection


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Glenfiddich has launched The Cask Collection, three new whiskies comprising of Glenfiddich Select Cask, Glenfiddich Reserve Cask and Glenfiddich Vintage Cask. These are Glenfiddich’s first no-age-statement range of single malts and have been released into the global travel retail market; a range the company is calling its “most innovative launch of the year”.

The trio will become the core range representing Glenfiddich in travel retail, and will replace 12yo, 15yo Solera and Rich Oak on travel retail shelves.
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Review: Ayrshire – TBWC Batch 1

ayrshire-that-boutiquey-whisky-company-whiskyContinuing my look at a few of Master of Malts latest releases, here’s a review of That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s – Ayrshire – Batch 1 – 47.2%. My last review in this little series of releases.

Colour: Full gold. Nose: At first this has rather a whiff of lactic acid to it, i.e. it smells a little like vomit (sorry!), that calms with some water and some time, don’t be too put off. Actually, it almost reminds me of Auchentoshan Vallinch (which is also a lowland malt). There’s thicker creamy notes to it, rice pudding and apple skin are found according to the more official notes than mine.
Palate: There’s a really spicy and fairly thick mouthfeel here, along with damp wood. Add some water and it instantly improves and adds more sweetness along with summery fruits (pineapple and green apples).
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Review: Loch Lomond – TBWC Batch 1

loch-lomond-that-boutiquey-whisky-company-whiskyI recently reviewed and Inchmurrin which is produced by the same distillery as todays review, Loch Lomond. So without further ado let’s take a look at Master of Malt / That Boutique-y Whisky Company – Loch Lomond – TBWC Batch 1, 52.4%.

Colour: Full gold. Nose: A nose that seems familiar, but odd, chemically. It’s a grain whisky so it has quite a different nose to a single malt, there’s spices and something really fresh about it amongst creaminess.
Palate: Hot and spicy, this is one whisky that gives you a kick. The palate has parallels with the nose but is sweeter and less chemically than you’d imagine, it’s actually quite nice, gingery and fiery.
Finish: A little smoother than you’d imagine from the palate, it’s very warming, but good. Medium in length.
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Review: Inchmurrin – TBWC Batch 1

inchmurrin-that-boutiquey-whisky-company-whiskyContinuing a focus on some Master of Malt goodies, let’s move on to take a look at Master of Malt / That Boutique-y Whisky Company – Inchmurrin Batch 1, 54.7%.

Colour: Full golden going into copper with reddy tints.
Nose: Sherried goodies this way lie… A fairly light sherry, maybe Fino? Gentle maltiness and a fair hint of ashy smoke. Possibly slightly closed, water may open this up a touch.
Palate: Sweet and oily, a good mouthcoating which gets hotter the longer you hold it in your mouth. The malt and sherry are in good balance, some slight leathery notes.
Finish: Nicely sweet, warming and long with winter fruits sticking around for a good while.
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Review: Glenburgie – TBWC Batch 1

glenburgie-that-boutiquey-whisky-company-whiskyRight, we’ve looked at quite a few blends now… so let’s head back to the land of single malt. Today we’ll take a quick wee review of Master of Malt / That Boutique-y Whisky Company – Glenburgie Batch 1, 49%.

Colour: Gold to straw yellow
Nose: Rich and fairly classic speyside nose, thick and oily, vanilla, slight touches of heather with some costal character and hints of smoke (probably from the cask).
Palate: Medium mouth feel that’s spicy and a little hot, yes it’s high ABV, but also maybe slightly young. Once you get past the heat (a drop of water will help), it’s really quite a sweet and slightly honeyed dram amongst the heaviness.
Finish: Fairly long, slightly hot, maybe a little young, slight sour wood notes right at the end.
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Review: Berry Bros. & Rudd – Blue Hanger 7th Release

bluehangerwebWhile I’m reviewing a selection of blended whiskies, I thought I’d take a moment out to review Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Blue Hanger, 7th Release. A partly useless review for most of my readers, but for any of my US cousins it might be of interest because this has been released exclusively in the US travel retail market. Limited to only 3,088 bottles, Blue Hanger 7 is a blend of Bruichladdich 1990, Bruichladdich 1992, peated Bruichladdich Moine 2006, and Miltonduff 1997. Bottled at 45.6% abv, Blue Hanger is now available in US travel retail at an RRP of US$99.99. It’s natural colour and non chill-filtered.

Let’s take a sip…

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