Review: Ballantine’s Brasil (makes a good cocktail!)

Logo-Ballantines-Brasil-BD-560x293Ballantine’s Brasil – Spirit Drink – 35% abv

BBrazilPackRecently I was sent a box of goodies which turned out to be a Ballantine’s Brasil Cocktail Set! Great! It contains all the bits and bobs that you need to make a cracking summer drink… a recipe booklet, bottle of Ballantine’s Brasil, big stirring spoon, bottle of lemonade, tall glass, and a fresh lime, awesome stuff!

So, what is Ballantine’s Brasil? Basically it’s a flavoured whisky, but since you can’t flavour whisky and still call it whisky, it’s actually labelled as a “spirit drink” if you look closely, that’s law for you!

The official blurb reads as such:
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Review: Bunnahabhain 25 Year Old

bunnahabhain-25-year-old-whiskyBunnahabhain 25yo OB 46.3%

So I was recently chatting with someone who suggested I should review more main stream bottlings that are bottled by the distilleries, rather than ultra expensive malts that are either limited release, or other malts bottled by independent bottlers. So with that in mind I’m starting with this Bunna 25… it’s a distillery bottled whisky, and although it’s right at the top end of the range and probably not entirely affordable it’s at least a start!

So on to the review…
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Review: Master of Malt 60 Year Old Speyside

Master of Malt 60 Year Old Speyside – 42.2%

master-of-malt-60-year-old-speyside-whiskyColour : Full gold with orange tints.

Nose : Old leathery herbal notes come bounding out of the mossy woody background, caramelly fruit rind.

Palate : This’ll sound odd, and I’ve only had the smallest experience (from music gigs etc), but it’s like the best cannabis, herbal, strong and very pleasing! It’s woody, but not to the point where it’s dominated, and has a touch of polish, cola cubes, smoke and coal. It’s old, smooth and magnificent, you want to hold it on your tongue forever.
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A couple of Vestal Vodkas Reviewed


“Once upon a time, long before effective tax collection systems, big brands, global marketing and idiosyncratic bureaucrats in Brussels, Polish vodka was an artisanal product. It was made in small batches in villages and small towns across Poland. Vestal Vodka’s goal is to recapture this spirit of time and place and introduce you to the true spirit of Poland.”

I review a couple of their offerings below…
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Breaking News: Bladnoch distillery calls in liquidators

bladnoch-distillery-signBreaking News

Bladnoch distillery is no longer in the hands of the Armstrong brothers. A liquidator has been called in to take control of the company. It’s important to note that the company was not bankrupt, there are no financial difficulties. The four directors/shareholders simply could not agree on a way forward, two wanted to sell, two did not. Unfortunately there were no buyers wishing to acquire a 50% shareholding and as the value of the distillery as a whole has increased considerably it was not possible to reach an amicable agreement.

Sad news from a great independent distillery.

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