Review: WaggingFinger Gin

wagging finger bottleWaggingFinger Gin Batch #1 – 44% abv

Info: From over in the Netherlands comes Wagging Finger gin. Check out their site at – They’re just getting started, and it looks like it’ll be a fun project!
Nose: Massively full of flavour… I’m not overly versed in gin, but from memory this is the most flavour filled gin I think I’ve yet to find! It smells fizzy (not that you can smell fizzy?!), packed with sweet citrus, and plenty of herbs. The alcohol has enough bite to it to keep you from inhaling too deeply.
Palate: The nose really draws you in to drink some, and when you do you are rewarded by a sweet, yet spiced, powerful spirit that is beautifully smooth and just as flavourful as the nose was. There’s something about the spices in use that reminds me of Coke, but maybe that’s just me. There’s just a hint of something soapy and fragrant at the end as you swallow.
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Review: Plymouth Gin – Navy Strength

PLY009 Plymouth-Navy-Strength-Gin-Plymouth Gin – Navy Strength – 57% abv

It’s a lovely sunny afternoon out, so why not let’s take a break from whisky and have a G&T. Or in my case, probably just the G as I’m not overly fond of T. It’s a G & ice for me please!

Info:¬†For almost two centuries, Her Majesty’s Naval Fleet was sustained by Plymouth Gin and no ship left port without a bottle of Navy Strength 100 proof (57% abv) on board. The Royal Navy Supply Officers, or ‘Pussers’, needed to check that what they were buying was what they had ordered and so used gunpowder to test the alcohol level; if it was over 100 proof it would explode, with no explosion occurring if it was under strength.
Nose: Bright and spirity, a little bite, tonnes of juniper as you’d expect.
Palate: Thick and slightly creamy, the high strength gives the palate a nice bit of fizz. It’s slightly sweeter than the nose would make you suspect. Juniper at the front with just a touch of pepper behind, not too dry which is good in my book.
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Review: Cotswolds Dry Gin

Inaugural-Release+CartonCotswolds Dry Gin – Inaugural Release – 46% abv

On to my second gin review of recent releases from new English distilleries. Here’s some info, followed by my notes…

“Our Cotswolds Dry Gin has a delectable blend of nine carefully-considered botanicals.

The expression of the traditional London dry style comes from the maceration into our pure wheat spirit of juniper, coriander and angelica root, which have been left for 12 hours to allow their flavour characteristics to fully infuse.

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Review: The Lakes Gin

TheLakesGinBottleThe Lakes Gin – 43.7% abv

It’s not always about whisky, and so for something a little different here’s the first of two gin reviews… Here’s a bit of info about The Lakes’ new gin, followed by my thoughts below…

“Close to Bassenthwaite Lake, in an area of unimaginable beauty encircled by Cumbrian fells, we have the perfect home for The Lakes Distillery. We have ideal water from the famous River Derwent, with its source high up in the fells, a team steeped in distilling experience, and perfect conditions for creating outstanding spirits.

Juniper can be found across the fells in The Lakes District, and we use this local juniper as the very heart of our gin. Using classic gin botanicals augmented with others native to The Lakes – including bilberry, heather and meadowsweet – this is an artisan gin which is complex, intriguing and delicious.”

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