Glenmorangie Cask Masters samples up for grabs (by 19th July)!

GLE2265_POS_4_sheet_25%_AW.inddSo, have you heard of Glenmorangie’s Cask Masters experiment?
If not… go have a look here!
Basically there’s three different types of cask that they want to bottle, and it’s up to us the dramming public to vote on which they’ll bottle!

This has been well supported in various large cities by tastings of the three casks to help people decide, but those of us who live in the sticks have to basically watch video’s to help us decide which dram we want to vote for.

But wait up… Glenmorangie have been kind enough to provide me with some samples, and there’s enough to go around! – Not much mind you… I have enough for 5 samples (that’s 5 x 3 of each cask).

So… if you’re in the UK (sorry everyone else, I’m funding the postage myself so can’t afford to post elsewhere) and you want to try the Cask Masters casks for yourself, then sign up with Glenmorangie to vote, RT my tweets on this and then DM me on Twitter (@steveprentice) to confirm you’ve done that and I’ll add you to the list!

Get your requests in by 11:59pm on Friday 19th July, and I’ll select people and contact you shortly after that (i.e. over the weekend) to arrange posting the samples out. I’ll be favouring obvious whisky lovers, and those who live in areas where there’s little chance of getting to official tastings.

Your votes have to be in to Glenmorangie by 31st July, so you’ll have a week to decide, you’ll have to be speedy!

What do you have to do? Nothing much other than what I’ve said above, but blog posts, twitter conversation and mentions are always good!


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