Mini Review: Abbey Whisky’s Mystery Dram 2


I’ve been lucky enough to try Abbey Whisky’s latest “Mystery Dram”, I know nothing about this, so it was very much a blind tasting… I think the only information to hand was that it was a Speyside whisky, at 46% ABV. The ABV clue leads us to assume this has been bottled as whisky geeks like, non chill-filtered, and more than likely with no colouring (I’d go as far as to say defo no colouring). Anyway, here’s my very quick notes in trying to identify what this is!


Colour: Light gold.
Nose: Clean, malty bourbon nose.
Palate: Medium mouth feel. Light summery malty taste.
Finish: Short to medium and warming.
Thoughts: Not sure on age, possibly quite old, 20yo?  Seemingly an oldish dram that’s going down very nicely on a summers eve. Distillery guess? Balvenie or maybe Longmorn? (Both of which I’m informed are incorrect, but I’m not far off on age apparently.)

Many thanks to Abbey Whisky for the dram and for the great Glencairn glass for trying it with!


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