News & PR: Douglas Laing’s Old Particular Single Cask Single Grain Scotch Whiskies

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Douglas Laing & Co., leading purveyor and creator of the finest Scotch Whiskies, today announces the release of its Old Particular Single Cask Single Grain Whiskies.

Old Particular Grain with tubesThe Old Particular range, a ‘particularly’ unique series of individually hand-selected aged Whiskies from all over Scotland, launched in 2013 to resounding success. Until now, the award-winning Old Particular range has exclusively held Single Malt Whiskies, but today marks the addition of the finest Grain Whiskies to the portfolio.

Old Particular Single Grain launches with Cameronbridge 25 Years Old, Girvan 25 Years Old, North British 21 Years Old and Strathclyde 27 Years Old; a proud portfolio of aged Whiskies that Fred Laing, Managing Director at the family firm, has been saving for a grainy day.

Bottled at high alcohol strength, ranging from 50.9% to 61.3%, each bottling is from only one cask and is without colouring or chill filtration, in line with the Douglas Laing philosophy of bottling Whisky “As Natural As It Gets”. Though this mantra goes somewhat “against the grain”, the firm believes that this allows the naturally present oils, fats and enzymes in the spirit to make their own special contribution to its nose, mouthfeel, palate and finish.

Fred Laing says “Over the last 5-6 years we have softly promoted, and gently educated the Malt community with the “surprise” quality of old Grain Scotch Whiskies, and we have been rewarded with sustained growth. Douglas Laing & Co certainly believe the time is now right to give this long under-rated sector far greater kudos. So within our Old Particular Single Cask flagship brand, we will now release selected antique stocks of different Grain Scotch Whiskies in a lively new livery which both differentiates it from the Malts and also retains the character and specialised gravitas of the brand”.

Old Particular Grain will be available to purchase from Specialist Whisky Stores from August 2015.

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