News & Review: Ardbeg Supernova 2014

Supernova2014BottleArdbeg Supernova 2014 (third edition) – 55% ABV

Info: Today Ardbeg launches it’s third edition of their peatiest Single Malt. The story is that Ardbeg sent a vial of whisky into orbit on ISS for 3 years to see what would happen to it… it’s now come back down to earth and this release coincides with that.

Colour: Straw to light gold.

Nose: Sweet peaty Ardbeggian smoke interlaced with light autumnal fruits. A little coastal nature with a slight spirity nip from the highish abv. However a generally relaxed and inviting nose, especially for something classed as their peatiest malt.

Palate: Quite thick on the palate which at first is gentle and then quite quickly builds into a fairly spicy yet sweet peaty dram that covers your mouth in saliva inducing late summer fruit berry sweetness.

Finish: Quite a fresh finish like sitting on the side of a beach on a summers eve after a storm has gone by and the sun’s come back out. It’s very long, lingering and leaves you with the dying embers of a fire. The peat stays with you once the fire has gone out.

Thoughts: One of the more enjoyable Ardbeg’s I’ve had for a while! The sweetness really helps make it a winner, it’s well balanced and very drinkable. I had a coffee after… The two seemed to clash somewhat and tasted odd. Let the finish go properly before moving on!

Available: Ardbeg’s website (now sold out) and various retails over the next few days. RRP £124.99.

Thanks to Ardbeg for the sample.





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