News & Review: Glenglassaugh 30yo launched by new owners The BenRiach Distilling Co

Glenglassaugh30infrontLRI’ve been lucky enough to try Glenglassaugh’s new 30yo release. See below for my tasting notes, but first, here’s the PR blurb about the release which is worth a read as it’s nice to see Glenglassaugh in good hands! …

The BenRiach Distillery Company, which bought the Portsoy-based Glenglassaugh distillery in March, has released its first Glenglassaugh expression – a superb 30YO single malt.

Back in March, BenRiach’s MD and Master Blender Billy Walker said: “It’s our intention to bring this iconic distillery fully back to life by giving it the investment, commitment and care it deserves. I believe our whisky expertise, proven brand-building ability and strong routes to market will help take Glenglassaugh to the next level.”

The next level starts with this magnificent 30YO, a very special Highland single malt, at 44.8% vol, the very first Glenglassaugh to be released by BenRiach.

Sales Director Alistair Walker said: “We’re delighted to release our first Glenglassaugh expression five months after taking over the distillery. The 30YO is a great example of the unique Glenglassaugh character – complex fruit flavours, sherry overtones, spices and a lasting finish. It’s the first of a number of planned developments we have for our new brand which is in response to strong demand for Glenglassaugh in global markets.”

Now… on to my tasting notes…

Colour: Dark golden rust.

Nose: Give this a moment to open up and it leads you into wonderful old cask woods, subtle sherry (Oloroso?), caramels and autumn fruits. Think red toffee apples at an autumn fair. Also (after the fair) think of sitting in an old country house in the library full of old leather books and polished tables. A wee touch of costal salt at the back somewhere.

Palate: An age which means this is lovely and easy on the palate, but enough ABV to give a slight wee nip. A fantastically velvety whole mouth coating feel from the excellent barley oils which almost roll into a ball on your tongue and which you want to hold there to savour, it makes your mouth water more than many a whisky I’ve had lately. Autumn fruits and old oak are there in perfect balance. It’s a sherry whisky, but not a sherry bomb, it’s just right.

Finish: A gentle but full and lengthy warming hug on your chest, the lasting impression being gentle fruits but mostly sweet cask oaks and the slightest crack of pepper.. sometime old whiskies can leave a sour tannin ending, but this Glenglassaugh leaves old woods that are balanced, sweet and full of quality.

Thoughts: I’m pretty much new to Glenglassaugh and wasn’t totally sure what to expect, but I’m pleased to say (I’m sure you could have bet on this) that this is a cracking whisky, you kind of wouldn’t expect anything less from something of this price and age, but more importantly you pretty much expect this from the new owners who have a great name for producing excellently presented whisky. I’d love a bottle of this on my shelf, I’d be a really happy man… would I buy one? Not quite at the moment when there’s other 30yo’s on the market at higher ABV for nearly half the price (or at least a fair bit less). Maybe one day though! Also… what a lovely looking bottle! Score? It’s in the low to mid 90s for me, let’s say 93.


Thanks to Glenglassaugh for the sample!
RRP is £215, in shops soon.



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