News: ‘The Gold Route’ joins Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection

Johnnie Walker Explorers' Club Collection The Gold Route 1
Johnnie Walker has unveiled the latest exciting blend from its Trade Routes Series: The Gold Route. The Gold Route takes inspiration from the journeys made by the Walker family and their agents – from Central America through the Andean mountains, passing the Inca pyramids and along the coast of the Pacific Ocean – where they witnessed magnificent scenery and diverse cultures whilst in pursuit of new businesses and rich experiences.

The blend is available exclusively for travellers in duty free stores, and like the other blends which make up the Collection, it pays tribute to the travelling heritage of the John Walker & Sons agents.

Johnnie Walker Explorers' Club Collection The Gold RouteCrafted from the finest aged whiskies hand-picked for a luxurious smoothness and vibrant flavour, in the glass The Gold Route evokes a sense of the exotic fruit flavours and beautiful rich golden colours of this region.

“We took inspiration from the richness of flavours, sights and experiences of Latin America to help us select the most precious liquids for this blend,” commented Master Blender Jim Beveridge. He added: “On the nose, there is an immediate wave of an exotic mix of bananas, mango and pitaya, complemented by a hint of vanilla sweetness. On first sip, the palate embarks on a journey that is as distinct and magnificent as the vistas of Latin America: tantalising flavours, a perfect blend of fruitiness with hints of pineapples, guava, passion fruit and raisins, all balanced perfectly by deep charred peaty notes, in keeping with the signature smoky Johnnie Walker flavour. Best enjoyed neat or on the rocks, the finish is smooth and luxurious, a fitting addition to the Johnnie Walker lineage.”

Steve White, Marketing Director of Diageo Global Travel and Middle East, said: “At the very heart of Johnnie Walker lies a bold spirit of adventure which has given rise to a great number of epic journeys. Our blends have been inspired by tales of rich travel adventures, in this case, along the Gold Route of the Americas and the Caribbean.

The Gold Route is a premium blend made exclusively for the intrepid travellers of today. It is a whisky to remind them of their own travels and inspire them to plan new journeys.”

The Gold Route is the second blend in the collection of three whiskies, collectively known as the Trade Routes Series, inspired by the richness that could be found along the great trade routes. The first release in the collection, The Spice Road, which launched in November to critical acclaim and great retail success, is an evocative expression of the vibrancy, aromas and spices that the Johnnie Walker agents would have discovered in the thriving markets around Asia. The third release in the Trade Routes Series, The Royal Route, will be available exclusively in duty free stores later in 2013.

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