Opinion: Bowmore and Chocolate – A Perfect Combo


I’m kind of supposed to be on a diet… one of those diets that never really quite get going, but you have every good intention of starting tomorrow. With that in mind friends and family eased off buying me anything much in the way of any Easter eggs this year, which made me really quite upset, damn them!

However, (yippee) Bowmore came to the rescue! Bless them and their chocolaty Easter eggy general good chappishness. (FYI mostly not actual chaps, I’m being gender neutral here).

So, it’s with excitement I opened the following just before Easter hit…


What do we have in the box? – We have:

  • Bowmore 15yo Darkest (one of my preferred drams)
  • Bowmore Small Batch (a fine example of a yummy Bowmore)
  • A huge Montezuma’s Easter Egg, with giant buttons inside
    And what potentially was the actual driving force of the exercise, a collaboration between Montezuma’s and Bowmore to produce what’s currently a limited edition chocolate bar…
  • Montezuma’s and Bowmore 15yo Darkest
  • Montezuma’s and Bowmore Small Batch

I won’t review the whiskies here for the moment (I’ll do that in another post, keep an eye out), they’re both good that’s for sure.

I also won’t review the Easter egg… but being a Cadbury’s fan this is one of the few non big brand Eggs that I’ve properly loved, everything about it was fab… I’ll be looking to get some chocolate from Montezuma’s again sometime.

But let’s take a look at the two collaboration chocolate bars, since that’s the point of the exercise… with the question being, should they join the range permanently and exit the very limited edition that they currently are?

For info, for a few more days you can still get your hands on them by going to The Whisky Exchange and buying a bottle of Bowmore 15yo Darkest (£48.95), and you’ll get a bar of the chocolate with it for free! But that runs out on the 30th April as far as I’m aware, so chop chop.


I’m no chocolate reviewer so I’ll keep this fairly short and sweet… but I know what I like, and I like this a lot.


They’re quite large chunks of good quality chocolate that’s dark enough not to melt instantly on your fingers as you eat which I like. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but they were chunks which I assumed would be just solid chocolate, but as you bite into them there’s a nice textured gnash, which I guess is the bit that’s actually got the whisky flavour in it.


Verdict… Excellent, very enjoyable chocolates. If I were to have any critique of them at all it would be that actually the whisky taste (to my palate anyway) is very subtle… if you’re a Bowmore fan then you probably want a reasonable kick of whisky and peat flavour, and these don’t entirely give me that… they’d be great as presents to people who aren’t massive whisky fans… but if they’re for sale in the distillery shop then you’re selling to fans who’ll want more I’d suggest. For example Mackays Bowmore Whisky Marmalade has a good Bowmore peat flavour to it… I’d prefer these chocolates to have just a little bit more kick to them please. Other than that, really excellent quality chocolate, tip top stuff!

Thanks to Bowmore for the care package, my tummy has much appreciated it.


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