Opinion: Scottish Independence Referendum

refSo today is Scottish Independence Referendum day, or should I call it Break Up The Union day? We’ll see. I originally wrote a post on Facebook last night whilst not posting a blog post here, but now that the day is here I think I will re-post what I said. It’s my opinion, everyone has one and everyone’s entitled to one, and not everyone will agree…

96% of the UK are not getting to vote in the possibility of the UK being split up, not at all democratic and I’m sad that things have got to this stage; it shouldn’t have got this far, Scotland should have had the powers given to it that it wanted so as to keep it with us. My English kids (if and when I have any) may well be deprived of being enriched by having Scotland as part of the UK’s fabric… I believe that the UK is richer as a whole (in all ways) together rather than being apart. Scotland would no doubt do well as an independent nation, however the UK as a nation would be diminished without you. If you’re one of the people who want change for better political representation in Scotland then I understand that argument and hope you voted for AV in the referendum a few years ago. If you didn’t, then maybe if you had this all wouldn’t be needed right now, but then I doubt you care about that at the moment. There’s statistics and mud slinging on both sides, all of which make me more and more depressed and I’m glad it’s almost over, it’s ugly and I want it finished. No doubt I’ll be flamed by Yes people for daring to have an opinion considering I have no right to vote… But I live in the UK too, I’m entitled to feel distinctly sad at the very real possibility of a 300 year old friendship being put aside and a new difficult friendship beginning.

If you haven’t yet voted then please make sure you do, people fought wars for you to have the right to vote. People that fought for the UK in the World Wars… like my granddad who was posted to the Isle of Islay and then to Wick with the RAF for a short while during World War 2, he saw us all as one nation worth fighting for together.

Scotland, I hope you vote No, but that’s now in your hands, in less than 24 hours we’ll know the answer.

UPDATE: The vote in the end was No, the Union stays together. However that’s not the end of it, change is and will be needed, the politicians have a long road ahead to modernise things in a way that it suitable for the whole of the UK. London may not represent Scotland very well, it also doesn’t represent the South West very well… change is needed, and change is coming for all of us.

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