Multi Review: Eleven Douglas Laing Single Malts

douglas laing logo roundelEleven Douglas Laing Single Malts

As a Douglas Laing Fellow (that’s basically a voluntary brand ambassador) I’m lucky enough to get sent quite a few samples from time to time, along with lots of other goodies. (What a great Christmas jumper for 2016!)

As such, I’ve had eleven samples sitting waiting to be enjoyed, so why not over the Christmas break sit back and do a multi review of them all?! Many are no longer available online, but you may find them on shop shelves when looking so the notes are still useful as a reference. Also, it goes to show the quality of stock that Douglas Laing have access to, so even if a bottle I have reviewed isn’t available any more, then you can be sure there’s a very similar replacement ready to purchase.

So, let’s get drinking reviewing…

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Multi Review: Five Douglas Laing Single Grains

douglas laing logo roundelFive Douglas Laing Single Grains

Douglas Laing independently bottle single malt whiskies and single grain whiskies under various different brands within their range.

Let’s take a look at five of their single grain whiskies, ranging from a younger 11yo right up to a stonking 50yo.

Single grain’s often don’t pack the same flavour hit as single malts, mostly due to the different production process… that said, I’ve always found them to have plenty of flavour, especially if picked well, as Douglas Laing surely does. Therefore, for me, I’m a big fan, I like easy going whiskies that don’t tax me too much, I’m lazy like that. Also, they generally cost less, winner!

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Review: Yula II 21 Years Old (Douglas Laing)

Yula II 21 Years OldYula II – 21 Years Old – 52.3% abv

Info: Yula II 21 Years Old from Douglas Laing was released a year after the first Yula was released and becomes the second in a trilogy of limited editions.
Colour: Light summary gold.
Nose: Punchy and up front, the 21 years haven’t dulled this dram one bit. It’s full of bite, full of Islay coastal wind, salt and peat. Instantly you feel like you’re sat on a beach during a late summer’s evening storm, watching the waves go by. After a little while the nose settles and out comes floral peat notes, and a real cereal character.
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Review: Timorous Beastie 21yo & 40yo

Timorous Beastie LogoTimorous Beastie: 21 Year Old and 40 Year Old

The good folks at Douglas Laing have had Timorous Beastie in their line up for a couple of years now… Have a read of my thoughts of the original here.

Timorous Beastie is a marriage of Highland Single Malts from Dalmore, Glengoyne, Glen Garioch and Blair Athol distilleries.

What’s new is that there’s now various other special editions in the lineup to enjoy! Sadly they sold pretty much as quickly as they were released, but no matter, let’s take a look at them anyway, and if you happen to find a bottle to buy somewhere then you’ll know what treats you have in store!

Let’s take a look at the new 21 year old, and the 40 year old…

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News & PR: Lagavulin 1991 Single Cask



Concluding Lagavulin Distillery’s memorable 200th anniversary year on an alltime high, the iconic distillery announced today that an extra special single cask bottling of a 24 year old whisky will be released to deliver a lasting legacy on Islay. The extremely limited edition will see all proceeds, exceeding £0.5M, divided between seven charities on the island.

This extraordinary whisky will enrich everyone lucky enough to purchase a bottle, both through the quality of the whisky and the knowledge that their action is giving back to the very place this was created in.

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Review: Glenfiddich IPA

Glenfiddich IPAGlenfiddich Experimental Series – IPA Cask Finish – 43% abv

Info: Since at least 2009, Grant’s has had their “Cask Editions – Ale Cask Finish” offering. Now Glenfiddich (the same company as Grant’s) has what they describe as “The first experiment of its kind. Malt Master Brian Kinsman collaborated with Seb Jones, an entrepreneurial Speyside brewer, to create a new craft IPA and pioneer the way for a new kind of single malt scotch whisky”. Hopefully the previous 7 years of experience has helped them in this experiment, let’s see…
Colour: Clear and bright gold.
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Review: BenRiach 22yo Moscatel

benriach 22 year old moscatel wood finish whiskyBenRiach 22yo Moscatel – 46% abv

Info: The BenRiach 22yo Moscatel was originally matured in American bourbon barrels before being finished in Moscatel wine casks from Portugal and Spain. Non chill filtered, natural colour, 46% abv.
Colour: Rusty dark gold with red tints.
Nose: A nice lively nose with lots of fruity flavours, some spirit notes and hints of oaky cask wood. The fruits are like mushed down autumn fruits with a dollop of chantilly cream. With some air, further rich notes of orange marmalade and fig come through.
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