New Release: Boxes Blend, The Whisky

Boxes Blend is a whisky put together by none other than Athlete bassist Carey Willets. The blend is named after his new solo project, an electro pop adventure that’s already garnering some great reviews.

It started in 2011 with a well-received début ep entitled ‘Throw Your Stones’. The music video for the eponymous track has got over 7,000 hits on YouTube so far.

Willets followed this up with a second ep in 2012 called ‘Silent Alarm’, which like its predecessor has impressed his growing number of fans, and critics alike.

To help celebrate the launch of his second EP, Carey, a bit of a whisky lover, got together with the guys at Master of Malt to produce Boxes Blend, a light, fresh, modern dram that’s eminently quaffable.

boxes-blend-blended-whiskyTasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Buttery and light, with dry grass and soft caramel. A bit of sherried spice and a whiff of banana and fresh apple. Palate: Soft and smooth in the mouth, with plenty of light and dark toffee notes. There’s caramalised orange and vanilla custard with nutmeg too. Finish: Medium with overtones of soft brown sugar. Nose: A delectable, easy-drinking blend.

Price: £54.95


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