Quick Review: The Scalasaig Island Hopper

The Scalasaig Island Hopper

Info: A blended malt featuring a variety of peated whiskies from the likes of Orkney and Islay, married together in first-fill Spanish sherry casks. 43% ABV.
Colour: Dark golden, very autumnal.
Nose: Pungent, mossy, hessian. Also some lightness there with citrus notes coming though the gentle smoke.
Palate: Sweet, fairly spicy, rich and intense. The mossy peat comes though as if near a bonfire on a beach.
Finish: It seems to get sweeter as it goes on, which it does for quite a long while, very moreish. Some cask tannins and grass / barley at the end.
Thoughts: It’s a whisky that I keep coming back to; packed with flavour that’ll keep you wanting more. For me there’s a vague hint of Black Bottle here, but even better.
Available: Master of Malt – £49.95

Thanks to whoever sent me the sample, The Whisky Wire I think.

The Scalasaig Island Hopper

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