Review: Angels’ Nectar – Rich Peat Edition

Angels' Nectar Blended Malt - Rich Peat EditionAngels’ Nectar – Blended Malt Scotch Whisky – Rich Peat Edition – 46% abv

Info: Blend of Highland malts, heavy on the peat.
Colour: Light straw, nice and clear.
Nose: Instant mossy peat loveliness, slightly creamy and sweet.
Palate: A fairly thick palate, gently introduced to your tongue but soon followed up by those mossy peaty notes and then behind them a caramelly toffee richness.
Finish: A fairly gentle transition from mouth to chest, a little warming. It fades reasonably quickly, but the mossy sweet peat notes last much longer, a hint of TCP showing up at the end.
Thoughts: A very capable and enjoyable peaty blended malt whisky to enjoy on a cold evening.
Available: Master of Malt – £42.08.

Thanks to Angels’ Nectar for the sample.

Angels Nectar Sample


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