Review: Auchentoshan Virgin Oak II

Auchentoshan_Virgin_Oak_Batch_IIAuchentoshan Virgin Oak Batch 2 – 46% abv

Info: ‘The Auchentoshan Virgin Oak 2 is the second release from this Lowlands distillery that has matured in charred new oak casks. Since 2000 Auchentoshan has matured a limited amount of whisky in such casks of which it releases some every year since 2013. A small batch release that shows that not only maturation in ex-bourbon or ex-sherry casks works with whisky. Time, risk and patience have resulted in a Sienna coloured malt with notes of spicy oranges, maple syrup and a layered complexity.’
Colour: Yellow to orange gold.
Nose: Spirited, fresh oak sappiness and a slight farmyard quality I often find in Auchies.
Palate: Thick, buttery and sweet on the palate, easier than I had thought it would be, there’s a pinch of spice and young woody sap… the young wood being like pencil shavings.
Finish: Fairly fresh on the finish, spiced caramels and quite long.
Thoughts: Much more to this dram than I had expected, it’s great. The palate and finish were better for me than the nose. Enjoyable, and nice to see it non-chill filtered.
Available: Online stores for around €71.00.

Thanks to Beam Suntory Morrison Bowmore Auchentoshan (whatever you wanna pick) for the sample.

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