Review: Ayrshire – TBWC Batch 1

ayrshire-that-boutiquey-whisky-company-whiskyContinuing my look at a few of Master of Malts latest releases, here’s a review of That Boutique-y Whisky Company’s – Ayrshire – Batch 1 – 47.2%. My last review in this little series of releases.

Colour: Full gold. Nose: At first this has rather a whiff of lactic acid to it, i.e. it smells a little like vomit (sorry!), that calms with some water and some time, don’t be too put off. Actually, it almost reminds me of Auchentoshan Vallinch (which is also a lowland malt). There’s thicker creamy notes to it, rice pudding and apple skin are found according to the more official notes than mine.
Palate: There’s a really spicy and fairly thick mouthfeel here, along with damp wood. Add some water and it instantly improves and adds more sweetness along with summery fruits (pineapple and green apples).
Finish: Gentle and warming, just what you’d hope for an old whisky… I’d go as far as to say it’s an excellent finish, it’s just a shame the nose isn’t as excellent, and the palate is only ok. It lasts a lovely long time, with apples spices hanging around for ages.
Thoughts: Ayrshire, otherwise known as Ladyburn distillery, is a lowland distillery that’s not seen around that often. Ladyburn stopped producing in 1975 so this is at least 38yo it would seem. At 47.2% this is probably cask strength. I love old drams, and had high hopes for this, but it’s not entirely for me I’m afraid. Only 39 bottles, so I do count myself lucky to have tried this and to have been educated!

Thanks to Master of Malt for the sample
Available from Master of Malt for £174.95.


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