Review: BenRiach 22yo Moscatel

benriach 22 year old moscatel wood finish whiskyBenRiach 22yo Moscatel – 46% abv

Info: The BenRiach 22yo Moscatel was originally matured in American bourbon barrels before being finished in Moscatel wine casks from Portugal and Spain. Non chill filtered, natural colour, 46% abv.
Colour: Rusty dark gold with red tints.
Nose: A nice lively nose with lots of fruity flavours, some spirit notes and hints of oaky cask wood. The fruits are like mushed down autumn fruits with a dollop of chantilly cream. With some air, further rich notes of orange marmalade and fig come through.
Palate: Subtle, rich, oily and gently sweet, but also with some drying qualities. Held on your tongue for a bit the rich dark fruits tumble out.
Finish: The finish is long, gently sweet and rather fabulous, there’s a good balance of the rich fruits and oak character.
Thoughts: It’s a whisky that lends itself to be warmed gently in your hand. It’s a well aged malt that is easy on your tongue, restrained on the tannins and spices, and rich with fruits and warmth. All round it’s BenRiach doing what BenRiach does well, great older malts. BenRiach describe it in their PR as “lusciously rich, velvety and full-flavoured”, which is pretty spot on.
Available: Master of Malt – £147.95

Thanks to BenRiach for the sample.

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BenRiach 22yo Moscatel Sample

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