Review: Berry Bros. & Rudd – Blue Hanger 7th Release

bluehangerwebWhile I’m reviewing a selection of blended whiskies, I thought I’d take a moment out to review Berry Bros. & Rudd’s Blue Hanger, 7th Release. A partly useless review for most of my readers, but for any of my US cousins it might be of interest because this has been released exclusively in the US travel retail market. Limited to only 3,088 bottles, Blue Hanger 7 is a blend of Bruichladdich 1990, Bruichladdich 1992, peated Bruichladdich Moine 2006, and Miltonduff 1997. Bottled at 45.6% abv, Blue Hanger is now available in US travel retail at an RRP of US$99.99. It’s natural colour and non chill-filtered.

Let’s take a sip…

Colour: Full gold, natural looking (that’s because it is!).

Nose: Instantly reminds of you of Islay, there’s peat smoke whiffs and costal saltiness amongst fresh bourbon and summer fruit back notes. There’s Bruichladdich in this blend, and it’s apparent on the nose.

Palate: Fairly thick oils, peat smoke and all the goodies you get from the nose, but what hits you maybe more than you’d imagine at first is a real earthiness, normally I’d say it’s a dunnage wood kind of damp earthiness, and it is to a degree, but it’s more than that, it’s the earthy salty costal peaty earthiness that Islay spoils you with. However that begins to pail after a moment leaving rich buttery malt in your mouth.

Finish: Fairly long and smoky with older wood notes (and a touch of sherry fruits?) sticking around for quite a long time while your chest is given a gentle warming hug. Spices build more and more as you go through the dram, which is quite a delight.

Thoughts: This is US only, so boo hoo to us in the UK. It’s obviously a very high quality mashup of Islay malts (amongst others), and it is quite rewarding, it’s a great blend. I’ve seen good blends go for more money than this. 86.

Thanks to Berrys’ for the sample.

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