Review: Big Peat Christmas 2018

Big Peat Christmas 2018Big Peat Christmas 2018 – 53.9% abv

A Christmas tradition here at Somerset Whisky Blog HQ (and I suspect for many others as well), is a love for the Big Peat Christmas edition. This year’s edition is out, and there’s still time to grab a bottle before the big day!

Here’s my thoughts…

Info: This Christmas Limited Edition cask strength bottling contains Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskies including Malts distilled at Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Bowmore and Port Ellen. No colouring or chill-filtration.
Colour: There’s a touch of snow in this dram, it’s clear, shiney and alluring. Hints of straw.
Nose: Beefy, meaty, peaty, mossy and earthy, this dram has it all! There’s a tarry coal note, along with wet wood smoke. A heathery nature is found along with warm malt tones.
Palate: The palate is fairly floral, but not to the point where I dislike it (you may have previously noted I don’t like some violet notes that a particular Islay distillery was once noted for). It’s thick, oily, sweet, tasty, peaty, and gurt lush as us South Westerners say.
Finish: The finish is fresh, vibrant and nearly fizzy. It’s got long lasting peaty warmth.
Water: Isn’t required. But it does make the dram go that little bit further and opens up a few more flavour notes; a little nuttier on the nose, a little more chocolaty, creamy and smooth on the palate.
Extra: Goes well with chocolate coins… just saying.
Thoughts: My memory begins to fade with a lack of baby-induced sleep… but I’m fairly sure that this is one of the best batches of Big Peat Christmas I’ve had so far!
Available: Master of Malt – £49.95

Thanks to Douglas Laing for the sample!

Christmas Big Peat 2018


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