News & Review: Briska – Swedish Craft Ciders

briskaglassIt’s not all about whisky you know (well, ok, it’s pretty much all whisky)… and being from Somerset as I am, it’s hard to ignore that cider also plays a large part in my drinking life with so many great cider producers around.

With that in mind I was pleased when recently offered the chance to try some Briska Swedish Craft Cider. Briska is the only Swedish Craft Cider available in the UK, and they have just launched a new 50cl bottle on the market, which is available to purchase online and in selected venues across the UK. Since spring has finally sprung, this is certainly a weather-appropriate time to give this cider a whirl! The brand is growing from strength to strength and will be available in supermarkets later this year.

167e1966b0b611e292fc22000a1f9806_7Premium imported Briska is naturally fruity and extremely refreshing and is available in three delicious varieties; fresh pear, crisp apple and refreshing pomegranate. The highest quality juice from Österlen combined with the heritage, expertise and experience of the Åkesson family gives the cider its unique and extraordinary great taste.

Briska is created at Kiviks Musteri, a family run cider mill located in the village of Kivik in Österlen, located on the south coast of Sweden. Österlen is famous for it’s many orchards and the coastal climate is ideal for cultivating fruit. The Österlen district is comprised of hilly landscapes with apple orchards, fields, pastures and beautiful long beaches. With its proximity to both the sea and countryside, the area is extraordinary and visitors are treated to a unique experience.

The village of Kivik is the “fruit capital” of Österlen. In Kivik the annual apple harvest market is held at the end of September. It is a celebration of the apple and every year an artist get the task of producing the annual apple artwork.

The two I tried from the range of three were Pomegranate and Pear, both fabulous…

image003The official notes for the Pear cider are… “Bright in color with a lovely fresh scent of pears, it has a great refreshing and crisp taste.” – I can confirm that it’s stuffed full of subtle pears, best enjoyed really cold, and has a thick quality about it, which may be best offset with some ice… against my usual cider advice, but it would work magically with this cider! Very refreshing and summery, perfect for sitting in the garden, exactly what I did.

image002The official notes for the Pomegranate cider are… “Bright with a hint of pink, refreshing. Elegant, gentle with a slightly dry note.” That sums up things well, and out of the two this stands out as a clear winner, it’s an absolutely fabulous cider, smooth, fruity and easy drinking, totally perfect for a summer picnic in the park. The Pomegranate is subtle and in perfect balance with its sweetness. Please can I have another one?!

Samples with my thanks from Proof Drinks.


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