Review: Bunnahabhain / Bn1 – Elements of Islay

Elements of Islay – Bn1 – 55.7%

Colour: Golden.

The nose is salted buttery vanilla nuts (if such a thing existed) and peat, lashings of peat, smoke, iodine and more peat, good sweet Islay peat (similar to southern Islay style drams).

A good oily mouthfeel that covers your palate with spicy and peaty sweet malt. Slightly hot from the fairly high abv and possibly some younger whiskies, it’s hard to tell as this has no age statement. The tcp notes are nicely evident.

The finish is as expected, really long and warm. Like the hot embers of a BBQ dying as the sun goes down.

This is a dance of a dram, full on and in your face. It’s fairly unusual for a Bunna to be so heavily peated, but it’s an absolute pleasure that I’d like to see more of.

Sadly this dram is now near by impossible to find as it’s sold out and my bottle’s nearly finished with no chance of replacement.

At the time of review the latest from Elements of Islay is a Bn4 which I’m yet to try, but I think is unpeated so different in style to the Bn1.

Purchased from The Whisky Exchange (who’s parent company bottle the Elements of Islay range) – £38.95

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