Review: The Circus by Compass Box

Compass Box CircusThe Circus by Compass Box – 49% abv

Info: Blended scotch whisky consisting of various parcels of blended scotch whiskies, grain whiskies and Benrinnes, all from sherry butts. 2,490 bottles worldwide. 49% abv non chill filtered and no colouring.
Colour: Autumn gold, hints of orange rustiness.
Nose: The instant relaxing old style nose that puts you at ease and lets you know something good is coming. Lashings of gentle, balanced and well integrated sherried tones along with old, well matured oak notes. You’ll want to keep smelling this for quite a long time. Some creaminess, along with dried fruits and hints of nuttiness.
Palate: At first it’s almost quite fresh, but it very quickly then releases the older whisky tones on to your palate with their oils and medium level wood spices from the sherry butts. The sherried malt is sweet, well balanced and easy going with a warming autumnal character which covers your palate.
Water: You probably don’t want to. If you do, then the nutty notes on the nose come out more, but the palate is somewhat subdued, the spices eased with slight chocolate hints.
Finish: The spices, dried fruits and malty tones hang around for ages, warming your stomach and leaving your mouth tingling just a little bit.
Thoughts: Awesome old mix of well matured and married blends, it’s something rather special that you should try and hunt out a dram of if you find one (Master of Malt have 3cls still available at the time I write this review).
Available: Around £190, mostly sold out, grab one if you find one!

Thanks to Compass Box for the sample.

Compass Box Circus Sample

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