Review: Clynelish Distillery Exclusive Single Malt Bottling 2019

Clyenlish Distillery Exclusive 2019Info: Matured in a mixture of American ex-bourbon and rejuvenated casks. 6000 bottles available, bottled at 48% ABV. No age statement.
Colour: Natural looking, light straw. You’d hope no colouring here.
Nose: Clean, clear and slightly salty, with gentle wooden dunnage notes and plenty of sweet green ripe fruits among soft waxy hints.
Palate: Bursting with green and red apples and an oily waxyness. It’s warm and tingley on your tongue, with gentle heat and some spice building. Overall it’s nicely sweet and fruity with oaks to back it up.
Finish: The finish at first seems short but quickly comes back with a longer warm sweet fruit and malt note that sticks aronud for a while.
After: It turns more orangey, orange jelly, marmilade. Christmassy!
Thoughts: A slighty sweeter Clynelish than often found, but that suits my pallate just nicely! I really enjoy this dram, snap one up if visiting.
Availalbe: At the distillery, £90 a bottle.

Official tasting notes read as such (and I’ve got to say, they’re nicely accurate!):

“An exclusive release with authentic Clynelish character that opens with a burst of sweetness from combined toffee, butterscotch and vanilla aromas, swiftly followed by fresh fruits and a gentle salinity. The vibrant red apple remains evident on the palate allied by warming wood spices and the signature Clynelish waxiness. … a short but sweet warming cinnamon finish. With a splash of water, the fruity notes become more prominent, vibrant and light, alongside the dry woodiness and the distinct waxiness.”

Thanks to Clynelish for the sample!

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