Review & Comparison: Talisker Storm vs Talisker 10yo

talisker-storm-whiskyTalisker Storm – NAS – 45.8%
(NAS = No Age Statement)

Light golden in colour, a touch of E150a so I’m told.

The smell is sweet and sour, peat and smoke, with dry grassy/mossy undertones and lashings of vanilla.

The mouthfeel is medium to light oils, and surprisingly smooth especially considering there’s probably some younger whisky here, and a reasonable abv, which is great to see. This does seem a little more Islay in style, but not quite so costal or iodiney maybe.

The finish is really fairly long with sweet woody notes coming through.

This is called Storm, it’s certainly working up to one, but it’s just very strong winds at the moment, the storm is yet to totally rip the roof off. However a storm stirs up the sea, and if the sea is a sea of peat, then the peat here has certainly been stirred up from the depths.


talisker-10-year-old-whiskyTalisker 10yo – 45.8%

Golden in colour.

The nose seems costal to me, is it the power of suggestion?! Because I know its maturation (or even cask filling) doesn’t happen on Skye. Even so, the nose is costal and fruity, sweet stewed fruits. Through the whole thing is a dose of smokey light peat tones.

The palate is smokey, spicy sweet and fairly hot, it’s a big round costal dram.

The finish is medium with sweet fruit tones running through for a good while and malty notes shining through. There is a slight spirityness which just taints the end a little.


Storm is just slightly lighter in colour I think. Also a little lighter in nose; even at the same abv as the 10yo it noses more smoothly with more peat tones apparent rather than the smokey notes of the 10yo. Storm seemed to show a few more woody notes and a slightly longer and less fruity finish over the 10yo.

Both drams are good, both are slightly different. At this point in time I’m not sure which I prefer, they’re both different sides of the same coin. If you’re a big Islay fan then the Storm is possibly more along the lines you’ll know, and if you’re used to the 10yo then this is an excellent alternative to change things up just a touch. You at the very least now have a new option at a similar price point.

Talisker 10yo (my own) from Master of Malt at £32.53
Talisker Storm (PR review sample) can be purchased from Master of Malt at £39.75

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