Review: Cotswolds Distillery Malt Spirit

CotswoldsBirdLogoCotswolds Distillery Malt Spirit 3mo

Info: Unknown abv, probably into the 60’s. Matured for around 3 to 4 months in a small cask.

Colour: Straw, but bright and light.

Nose: Obviously still a very ‘new make’ nose to this. Barley sweetness with an acidic edge possibly added by the start of the oak interaction. There’s also a buttery creaminess.

Palate: A bite to it, due to the high abv, however behind that it’s got that sweet and smooth nature usually found in new make, with enough hints of oak to let you know it’s not just come off the still. It’s nice and thick with oils covering your tongue, however they stay on the lighter side. There’s quite a herbal quality.

Finish: The finish is really grassy and already quite long with a hint of pepper. There’s more telling notes from the oak here, but with the new barley still coming through nicely and a fairly fresh ending.

Thoughts: Care and attention has gone into the spirit, you can see it’s made with love; with a small cut of the best bit. As a starting point it signposts the way to some great whisky in the future coming from Cotswolds Distillery, it seems it’s going to be reasonably beefy but still light in profile.

Available: In the distillery shop to try.

Thanks to my friend Mike for grabbing me a sample when he visited recently.


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