Review: Douglas Laing’s Yula

Yula – 20yo – Douglas Laing – 52.6% abv

Yula Bottle ShotInfo: First of a three part trilogy, 900 bottles. Cask strength maritime malt distilled in 1995, combining Islay and Island whiskies.
Colour: Ripe straw to light golden.
Nose: Instantly you’re into a gentle nose, the sort that you only get with a bit more age in good casks. There’s floral hints there, along with a note of coal and older peat, the sort of peat that’s lost some of it’s instant fireyness and toned down a little. It’s fruity with notes of grapefruit and gooseberries.
Palate: The palate is lovely and thick, with a little bit of drying wood tannins hitting you quite quickly before settling down with the floral notes coming forward (90’s Bowmore?). There’s reminiscent sweets here of things like Parma Violets, love hearts and refreshers, however they’re all there with an older edge to them.
Finish: The finish is very long with powdery floral notes sticking around for ages.
Thoughts: It’s a lovely older blend of goodies. I know lots of people that will totally fall in love with this dram, although for me the floral notes aren’t totally my favourite style.
Available: Mostly sold out, so grab one if you find one! Around £100.

Thanks to Douglas Laing for the sample.

Yula Samples

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