Review: The Entertainer by Compass Box

The Entertainer Compass BoxThe Entertainer by Compass Box – 46% abv

Info: Released over four years ago, The Entertainer by Compass Box is an exclusive whisky to Selfridges, so a slightly more unusual Compass Box dram to find. 1000 bottles produced.
Colour: Bright and fairly light gold, summery.
Nose: A slightly older nose to this, but fairly strong and powerful. There’s hints of over ripe citrus fruit, Christmassy fruit cake, toffee caramels, hints of gentle smoke and just a pinch of herb. With a little more time to open up there’s some creamy vanilla notes, and some mossy dunnage-style damp wood. Selfridges and Compass Box are very much trying to recreate a nose found in whiskies from yesteryear.
Palate: Fairly oily, with a fair pinch of spices and a good, slightly syrupy sweetness to it. It’s got an older oak note to it, some peppery spice, and a gorgeous gentle honied sweetness, with just a hint of coastal salt sea spray. The longer you hold it on your tongue the more various buttery notes comes out. It’s a palate to savour and enjoy.
Finish: The finish has a very slightly herbal note to it, it’s fresh, breezy and long, with spices, lots of warmth, hints of smoke and some oak tannins at the end. It is sweet on the finish, but it’s not the dominant feature.
Thoughts: A fairly impressive whisky that makes me think of warm relaxed evenings after funfairs in summer seaside towns.
Available: Selfridges Exclusive – £84.99. Sold Out.

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The Entertainer Compass Box Sample

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