Review: Glen Garioch Virgin Oak

GariochVirginOakBottleGlen Garioch – Virgin Oak – 48% abv

I’ve previously reviewed quite a few of the Glen Garioch range, but it looks like their Virgin Oak has escaped me publishing my notes. I’m one of what Glen Garioch likes to call their Drambassadors… at least, while Morrison Bowmore Distillers (Glen Garioch’s parent company) was more autonomous I was one, but now they’re part of the mass conglomerate of Beam Suntory I have no idea if I am still one or not! Annnnnyways, on to my notes…

Info: Released in 2013, this is the first ever release of a Glen Garioch whisky aged entirely in virgin North American white oak casks.
Colour: Fairly rich gold.
Nose: Quite a farmey nose to this, something I’ve found in Auchentoshan Valinch before now. It disperses after a while leaving barley, mulched down cut grass, caramelly toffee and new strong oak notes with hints of char and brown sugars.
Palate: Thick and creamy, fairly sweet with quite a few spices that halt before getting too strong and dominate the palate.
Finish: Thick, creamy and nicely sweet, the spices are left in your mouth and your chest is warmed by the nice beefy Garioch malt which shines through.
Thoughts: The dram for me gets better and better from nose, to palate to finish. It’s tasty, and the virgin oak (not just a finish) doesn’t dominate too far. A rather nice sweet expression from Glen Garioch.
Available: The Green Welly Stop £61 or The Whisky Exchange £66.25

Thanks to Glen Garioch for the sample.



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