Review: Glen Garioch – Whisky Shop Exclusive – 2002

Price, ABV and age unknown at time of review,  however assuming around 10yo. And I’m afraid that even a month on from initial review write up there’s no pictures or any other information. Anyway here’s the info…

Pale yellow in colour.

A light but interesting aroma, with just a touch of farmyard/country smell about it.

The mouth feel has a medium body to it which is fairly hot and spicy at the fore of your mouth. The farmyardy smell comes through on the palate, it’s slightly unusual, but in no way bad; it adds an interesting extra dimension. The cask influence leads me to wonder if there’s some sort of wine cask thing going on here, however general consensus is probably not.

The finish is fairly fast to die, but a sweet woody taste lingers on for a while longer.

It’s an interesting whisky to broaden your education, but it’s not one I’ll be buying a full bottle of.

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