Review: Glen Grant 18yo Rare Edition

Glen Grant 18yo Rare EditionGlen Grant 18yo Rare Edition – 43% abv

Info: Glen Grant Aged 18 Years Rare Edition was newly released in 2016 and was named Jim Murray’s Second Finest Whisky in the World, as well as his Scotch Whisky of the Year, in his Whisky Bible 2017.
Colour: Lightly golden, ripe straw.
Nose: Fairly complex nose, there’s sweet / candy notes, but they’re not too sweet, tempered by older oak tones. Slight coal hints, probably the cask char coming forward.
Palate: It’s fairly gentle and easy to hold on your tongue to enjoy the flavours that wash forward. There’s sweetness, but that’s balanced with a sourness from oak. The cask char hints from the nose carry on to the palate.
Finish: The finish is quite long, longer than you’d maybe expect. It’s enjoyable and stays fairly complex to the end with hints of nuts and some spice along with oak tannins.
Thoughts: It’s a very good dram, tasty, complex, and fairly oily. Maybe being presented at over 46% abv would really help further elevate it for a bottle that’s over £100. Would I rate it as best in the world? I don’t know… it’s certainly up there as damn fine though!

Sample from my own stocks (bottle share with friends).

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Glen Grant 18yo Sample

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