Review: Glen Moray 18yo (1973)

Glen Moray 18yo (1973)

Moray1973Info: A bottle of tasting stock that Glen Moray had at TWE show this year. So good I took a sample away to consider properly. From the 1970’s when the distillery still used a proportion of peated malt in its mix.
Colour: Lightly golden, nice and natural looking.
Nose: A classically old type of nose, small hints of peat, beautiful bourbon barrel background. Toffee notes along with ripe citrus fruits.
Palate: Medium oils covering your palate with an instantly accessible and relaxing malt. It’s packed with rich flavours. Restrained on the spices which makes it massively easy drinking. There’s almost a slight dusty tone to it. The tiny amount of peat helps give it a nice little bit of depth just to give it that bit more weight.
Finish: Long, packed with flavours, hints of the peat and gentle, old sweet malty goodness.
Thoughts: By far one of the best malts I’ve had in a long time, what a shame it’s long gone. It’s a fairly classic profile that seems to be sadly gone these days, replaced by more punchy spicy younger brothers. That said, Glen Moray’s current offerings are still nicely easy drinking at a good price point and easily available in supermarkets. As a drinking whisky you could do a lot worse than having a bottle on your shelf all of the time.
Available: Sadly long gone.

Many thanks to the distillery team at Glen Moray for introducing me to this at the TWE show this year, it’s fantastically good.



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