Review: Glen Moray Port Cask Finish

GlenMoray_PortCask_01Glen Moray Port Cask Finish – 40% ABV NAS

Info: This new addition to Glen Moray’s range has taken their Classic and added a bit of Portuguese finesse.

Colour: Golden and slightly pink tinted.

Nose: A fairly sprightly nose, a little touch of spirit and out comes lots of sweet bubblegum fruit flavours. They settle down to give a rich, slightly chocolaty dram.

Palate: It’s quite thick for a 40% ABV dram… Nicely sweet and easily palatable with a good touch of spices and a fist full of caramel and butter.

Finish: A fairly dry but fruity finish from some oaky tannins which stay around for a fairly long while.

Thoughts: The bottle shape is elegant enough, but what makes it great is the glugging sound it makes when you first open and pour a dram from it, fun! For £25 this is great value in the days of fast rising whisky prices. A lovely dram to start the night off with. It’d be nice to see a touch more ABV, but that would up the price, and actually it’s just fine as it is, an affordable session whisky that won’t disappoint, and a good whisky for those beginning on their whisky journey. Worth keeping an eye out for. Also very much worth a visit if in the Elgin area, lovely folk looking after the distillery.

Available: In shops soon, RRP £25. Also via Glen Moray’s online shop right now!

Thanks to Glen Moray for the very generous sample!


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