Review: Glen Moray Sherry Cask Finish

glen-moray-sherry-cask-finishInfo: Glen Moray matured in American oak casks and then finished for at least 8 months in Spanish oak Oloroso sherry casks, a mixture of 500 and 600 litre butts. 40% abv, chill filtered.
Colour: Straw to light gold.
Nose: Rich, sweet fruity barely meets Christmas cake. There’s cinnamon spice notes and caramel toffeeness.
Palate: Glen Moray is usually fairly gentle, but the sherry influence here has really given it some big spices, along with the barley sweetness and oaks.
Finish: The sherry finish here really gives this a fairly long finish, warming, fruity and with tingley spices.
Thoughts: Glen Moray’s PR describes this as “approachable and well-priced”… I couldn’t say it better myself! Great every day whisky for a price that isn’t going to hurt your pockets too much, perfect. The sherry finish here really works well and adds much more spice than I was expecting. Bargain.
Extra: In case you didn’t know, it’s pronounced more like “Murray” as in Glen Murray.
Available: Glen Moray’s online store – £25, or soon to be in Sainsbury’s RRP £22.

Thanks to my friends at Glen Moray for the sample!

Glen Moray Sherry Cask Sample

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