Review: GlenDronach 25yo Grandeur Batch 8

GlenDronach 25yo Grandeur Batch 8GlenDronach 25yo Grandeur Batch 8 – 50.5% abv

Info: Matured for 25 years in Oloroso Sherry casks. 1,505 bottles, 50.5% abv.
Colour: Deep, rich, dark, winter sherry fruits.
Nose: Like the colour, the nose is deep and dark, jam packed with winter sherry fruits, berries, malt and brown sugar caramels. Old fashioned, vintage whisky.
Palate: Lovely thick and oily, your palate is covered in gently sweet whisky flavours, which isn’t spice dominated, rather it’s bolstered by gentle spices to elevate the whole thing to a higher level. There’s a herbal nature at the middle of the dram followed by older antique oaks at the back to balance things out.
Finish: The finish is really gentle, warming, and long, not spice or oak led, it just peters out into a relaxing, gently sweet whisky that finishes your evening beautifully.
Thoughts: Gosh. I’m unsure where to go here. Less words sometimes means more, so there’s part of me that just wants to leave it at “Gosh”. That said, what a bloody good whisky, it’s sweet, subtle, but most certainly well sherried, and behind it all the more full-bodied highland style still exists to keep this interesting and rich.
Available: The Whisky Barrel – £400

Thanks to GlenDronach for the sample.

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glendronach 25 yo sample

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