Review: GlenDronach Cask Strength Batch 1 (OB)

glendronach-cask-strength-batch-1-whiskyGlenDronach Cask Strength Batch 1 – 54.8%

A deep golden colour lures in your nose for a sniff of this cask strength sherried treasure.

The nose is grown up, and although there is no age statement on this whisky it feels fairly well aged on first impressions. It seems to have an excellent balance of vanillary wood which neither dominates nor is out shined by the sweet sherry notes that come through clearly. There are orange zest and chocolatey notes amongst and assortment of other jelly sweetie notes.

On the palate the ABV feels much higher than it states due to it being really quite hot on your palate, possibly also indicating there’s some young whisky in the batch, however wee a drop of water here works a treat to make it smooth and easily drinkable.

The mouth feel is reasonably light, but oily. The small drop of water helps take the bite off and to smooth things out a little and at this point you realise it’s fairly dry and light in nature. Some nuts and fruit come through along with the well balanced oak.

The finish is great; long and interesting, with an interplay between sweet and dry notes. A smokey note is left lingering in your empty glass, although you don’t detect it on the palate particularly.

For a sherried dram this isn’t as simple and as instantly easy drinking as some; it’s more complex and interesting, it requires just a drop of your time and attention, which is a good thing.

Around £51 at time of review which seems fairly reasonable for a quality dram at full strength.

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