Review: Glenfarclas – 2003 – Nickolls & Perks Exclusive

NPGlenfarclas2003Glenfarclas – 2003 – Nickolls & Perks Exclusive Selection Cask #1448 – 57.5%

Special release of Glenfarclas Family Cask, produced to celebrate Nickolls & Perks 215th Trading Anniversary.

Rusty orange gold in colour.

Gentle nutty wood on the nose; subtle sherry wood notes with spiced jellied winter fruits and hessian sacks. For a cask strength this has a remarkably smooth set of aromas.

An interesting dram on the palate, it’s powerful (due to the high ABV), but also subtle due to the relative middle age of maturation. The sherry is noticeable, but not too strong as to upset the balance, it adds a caramel richness to what is an oily and nicely mouth costing dram.

The finish is long and a little spicy, warming and fruity.

A drop of water opens up the nose a fair bit, making it a much sweeter affair and bringing the sherry forward. It helps to reduce the more powerful alcoholic nip, making it easier to drink and smoother on the palate, again teasing the sweeter notes forward. The finish becomes a little less spicy and slightly shorter, but possibly more enjoyable. In my mind this dram definitely benefits from a bit of water, which makes your purchase last that bit longer, good for everyone!

My experience of Glenfarclas is somewhat limited so far, but it certainly appears that Nickolls and Perks have chosen a lovely cask to get bottled here, yummy stuff which won’t disappoint.

Official notes are as follows:

The lovely dark colour of well used direct fired copper stills. Soft initial nose giving way to sweet aroma of being at a fairground, candy floss, puff candy and toffee apples. Big rich sherry taste, more so on the taste than you are sensing on the nose. A big whisky really coats your entire mouth, warmth with no agression. Christmas cloves present and some light milk chocolate. Long rich finish, lots of power. A delightful dram that has one drawback – you always want another one.

Review sample provided by Nickolls & Perks. Bottle £100 available online.

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