Review: Glenfiddich 125 Anniversary

Glenfiddich 125 BottleGlenfiddich 125 Anniversary – 43% abv

Info: Limited edition released in 2012. Glenfiddich have used a combination of peated and unpeated whiskies aged in a large proportion of Spanish ex-Sherry butts, as well as American ex-bourbon casks. No stated age that I’m aware of.
Colour: Golden sunset.
Nose: Fairly well aged malty notes with slight waxy tints and hints of leather, a good nose! Small puffs of peat smoke that really give it a great background with slight grunt, yum.
Palate: Reasonably thick oils and easy going on the palate with enough background spice to keep it interesting. Quite earthy with gentle dunnage style oak notes. Reasonably sweet with late summer fruits and malt, again with just a hint of smoke.
Finish: The finish is fairly long, the warming spices and peat carry on for a long time… It’s tasty, and the gentle smoke continues for a good while amongst a bit of oak. Some slightly fizzy spice hangs around for a long time, which warms up your chest nicely. Right at the end there’s a few younger cask notes that hang around a little, but that’s ok.
Thoughts: I’ve been meaning to review this for ages, I’ve kept a sample around just to come back to because it’s one of the most enjoyable Glenfiddichs I’ve had in a long time, very highly recommended in my mind.
Available: Master of Malt – £134

My own sample.

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