Review: Glenfiddich Project XX

glenfiddich project xx bottleGlenfiddich Project XX – 47% abv

Info: Don’t let the Glenfiddich Project XX tempt you into thinking this is a 20yo… read on just a wee bit further and you’ll quickly realise this is a blend of Glenfiddich whiskies selected by 20 ambassadors and put together to form this NAS release. “It’s a mix of sherry casks, bourbon casks and more, with a rich and spicy character”. Interesting stuff, those ambassadors should know what they’re on about! It’s bottled at 47% abv, with no chill filtration, good stuff.
Colour: A nice full gold, slight autumnal hints to it.
Nose: Rather a nice nose here, full of flavour. Plenty of malt, and some wine type notes which meander between fruits tones, over to more flinty stone type notes, to fizzy hints and more regular vanilla and cream notes.
Palate: Fairly thick and oily on the palate; it’s quite easy going with slowly building spices. It’s quite sweet with the interplay of sweet and flinty notes that were found on the nose which play out nicely on the tongue.
Finish: The finish is spice lead, which warms your chest nicely with sweeter smoother flavours. It’s quite long with a malt / grass lead ending, moving to a younger oak backdrop.
Thoughts: First off, I’ve got to say that I really love the look of the bottle, nice job of the branding guys on this. The whisky itself is recognisable as a twist on Glenfiddich, it’s good, although I might have liked a touch more older aged spirit in it (and I say that without knowing what actually makes up this blend).
Available: The Whisky Exchange – £49.95

Thanks to my friend Dave Worthington (Whisky Discovery) for the sample.

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Glenfiddich XX Sample

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2 Responses to Review: Glenfiddich Project XX

  1. Jeannette says:

    I tried Project XX and did not really like it. I found it very “stuffy”. I loved the IPA Cask which was strange as I don’t really like beer. Nice review.

    • Steve Prentice says:

      I tried the IPA at the end of a very long day of drinking whisky, so my memory might be a little bit faded of it, but I do remember liking it! 🙂 The very kind Mr AmateurDrammer is sending me a drop, so hopefully will review and contrast soon! 🙂

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