Review: Glenfiddich The Original

GlenfiddichTheOriginalBottleGlenfiddich The Original 40%abv

Info: Recreated and inspired by Glenfiddich Straight Malt’s taste profile that was first introduced in 1963. NAS.
Colour: Lightly golden to straw.
Nose: Much more of a wine-like hit on the nose to start with than I was expecting. Closely followed up by malt, a handful of nuts, touches of smoke (cask char? a tiny bit of peated malt?), and hints of cut grass and leather. Back to white wine type notes again before back to mashed malt and a fudgey sweetness which comes out after a while.
Palate: It’s medium oily on the palate, thicker than I expected for 40%. It’s very easy, fairly velvety with just a mere hint of spices followed by the grassy malt and some brown sugar sweetness. Not much of the wine found on the nose at first, although after more time in the glass and in your mouth it’s certainly there if you look, it’s rather nice.
Finish: The finish is grassy malt on the palate and gentle warmth on the chest. It’s fairly short lived but sweet grassy notes with hints of fresh oak last out into a longer ending.
Thoughts: It’s very easy drinking with the younger malt hints at the foreground. I wanted a touch more oomph from it for the price, it’s slightly forgettable, although very elegant and enjoyable, you could drink a lot in one sitting that’s for sure.
Available: The Whisky Shop – £85 from mid Oct.

Thanks to Whisky Shop for the sample.


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