Review: Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch 6

Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch 6Glengoyne Teapot Dram Batch 6 – 59.3% abv

Info: “Strictly limited [until the next batch!] release of just four first fill sherry butts and two first fill sherry hogsheads.”
Colour: Medium dark rusty autumnal sunset.
Nose: Plenty of sherried autumn fruit notes, but still a nice sprightly element to this. Sherry outside in a cool autumn shower. Hints of nuts amongst soft creamy vanilla toffee.  Notes of heathery honey. Strong, but not closed, full of flavours wanting to escape with nice rounded wood tones.
Palate: Strong, almost hot, but just backing off enough to remain easily enjoyable while letting flavours flow. It’s really oily, flavour packed; there’s plenty of lush autumn fruits, malty oils and hints of dark chocolate.
Finish: Fresh, fruity, warming and long. Hints of youngish cask wood at the back adding some weight to the dram (in a good way).
Water: Amazingly accessible at nearly 60% abv, but that said, you’ll get even more “bang for your buck” if you add a drop of water, and it’ll allow out even more flavours. On the nose there’s more sweetness, almost candyfloss. The palate remains oily, even easier to access with more sweetness coming out, think jelly babies. Yum.
Thoughts: It’s a while since I last had a Teapot Dram, and I’m really impressed and pleased with how good it is. We know it’s fairly young, and I was expecting this to feel younger, but I was wrong. Is it a high price tag? Depends how much disposable cash you have I guess! This is a whopper of a whisky, enjoyable and not ruined by sherry tannins like some sherry bomb whiskies can be (in my opinion).
Available: Glengoyne online shop – £90.

Thanks to Glengoyne for the sample.

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