Review: Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso

GlenlivetNadurraOlorossoGlenlivet Nadurra Oloroso – 48% – NAS – Travel Retail

“The Glenlivet Nàdurra Oloroso is a new permanent expression in the range.

The first-fill, ex-Oloroso sherry casks from Jerez in Spain impart rich, distinctive dried fruits aromas, warm spices, and notes of cinnamon and liquorice. The spirit combined with the cask influence, produces a sweetness of dark chocolate and a finish which is long and sweet with a slightly dry, spicy effect from the European oak maturation.”

Read on for my tasting notes…

Colour: A full autumnal gold.

Nose: Buttery malt, nutty and fairly lively on the nose with spirit. Sweet with autumnal fruits and vanilla cream.

Palate: Full and thick on the palate, it’s Glenlivet but with a large alternate direction due to the sherry maturation. Sweet, fruity and packed with sweet (candy) notes – fruit jellies. Dried fruits, apricot. Fairly young / fresh oak which is gently introduced, pinch of spices.

Finish: Fairly long with the fruit jelly and malt notes kicking around for a long while, very slight smoke hints from the cask hang around. Fairly dry finish with a touch of spices.

Water: A touch works fine, reducing the slight spices, but not killing them.

Thoughts: With no age statement you tend to assume this is a little younger, that’s probably true enough but actually that works well alongside the sherry. It’s pretty smooth and easy drinking at 48% abv. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the sort of relaxing smoothness that you get from good old age. It’s a fun dram and worth a look out if you’re flying / going through travel retail, sadly hard to get hold of otherwise. Later releases will be at a higher ABV we’re told.

Thanks to Glenlivet for the sample.



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