Review: Highland Park Magnus

highland park magnusHighland Park – Magnus – 40%

Info: Only available in North America. Matured in Sherry seasoned American oak casks. No colouring.
Colour: Clear straw.
Nose: Fairly young and sweet malt with a good vanilla hit and great wafts of highland heathland peat, slightly floral.
Palate: Very easy to the palate, you can hold it on your tongue for ages enjoying the gentle spices, malt and peat, which all play together nicely with a slight earthy note. The youngish malt is there, and it’s enjoyable, it really helps show off the distillery character.
Finish: A longer finish than expected after the gentle palate. Sweet spices and a hint of oak tannin hang around for a nice long time.
Thoughts: Very enjoyable dram, where another percent or two in alcohol volume might not go amiss to just boost this a touch more. That said, the easily accessible nature of the dram makes it a joy to easily drink.
Available: US$39.99.

Thanks to Highland Park for the sample.

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