Review: Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ryder Cup

JWsquare-Ryder-CupJohnnie Walker Blue Label Ryder Cup Limited Edition – 40.0% ABV

Info: Diageo sponsored the 2014 Ryder Cup and released this special bottling of Johnnie Walker Blue Label to celebrate using some of their rarest stocks. It’s been around a wee while, but there’s still some about.
Colour: Golden with rusty orange tints.
Nose: There’s a fruity smokiness that leaps out of the glass, there’s old restrained oak and some sweetness. There’s a farm hint on the nose along with almonds. In general a very blended nose, nothing sticks out too far.
Palate: Buttery silk with a pinch of spices, it goes into a gentle sweetness with autumn fruits and hints of bonfire in the background. Surprisingly thick in the mouth considering the ABV (which indicates it’s chill filtered).
Finish: Gentle honied oak appears more strongly along with soft puffs of Highland smoke and a sweet warmth that spreads slowly over your chest.
Thoughts: A silky smooth classy blend that reeks of quality and attention to detail, a particularly fine, mellow dram. However if you like complex whisky then this may not be for you, it’s blended so much that it’s just what it says, a blended whisky, there’s not much individual complexity about it (exactly as it should be in a blend really). It’s quite expensive for a 40% whisky, but it could be that there’s plenty of aged whisky in it that’s down around that strength anyways.
Available: The Whisky Shop – £225, The Whisky Exchange – £235

Thanks to The Whisky Shop / The W Club for the sample.


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