Review: Jura Time & Tide: Two 21 year olds

Jura Time and Tide

Jure Time and Jura Tide

“A Pair of 21 Year Old whiskies shaped by time, eroded by tide.”

Jura has released two permenant additions to it’s range, a pair of 21yo whiskies; both are non-chillfiltered, just how we like them. ‘Tide’ should be available at your usual specialist whisky retailer, where as ‘Time’ is travel retail only (i.e. airports). What are the differences? Let’s take a look at them…

Jura Time SampleJura Time 21yo – 47.2% abv

Info: Aged in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels and finished in ex-peated malt casks.
Colour: Earthy and fully golden.
Nose: Full of sweet buttery candy (think Werther’s Original) with just a hint of dying fire embers behind notes of salty malt.
Palate: A really easily intoduced dram, even at this slightly higher abv. Hold it on your tongue (you’ll probably want to for ages) and just a hint of spice will poke out through the well aged malt. There’s a hint of peat.
Finish: Here you can find much more of the ex peated cask influence; there’s a familiar peaty, mossy note to it. There’s a balanced sweetness that stays aronud for a long time.
Thoughts: Jura with a hint of peat, that sounds good to me… and it is good! I love old Jura and this one, even with a peaty influence, is a gentle giant of a dram.
Price: £150

Jura Tide SampleJura Tide 21yo – 46.7% abv

Info: Aged in American White Oak ex-bourbon barrels, further finished in virgin American white oak casks.
Colour: Dark orange gold, autumnal.
Nose: Fruity, richly fruity and sweet. I’m talking more green fruits here rather than the darker sherry type fruits. Crushed pips.
Palate: Thick and oily. Gentle at first but with wood spices slowly building. Slight hints of smoke, probably from cask char. It’s kind of creamy with hints of chocolate. Sweet and fruity, yet mellow and rounded.
Finish: On the finish there’s a really fresh element that makes it stand out and shine, possibly the effect from the fresh oak casks. A hint of tannin right at the end.
Thoughts: A gentle, well aged, dram that has plenty of flavour and life left in it.
Price: £150

Overall Thoughts: I’ve long been a fan of older Juras, it seems to me to be a whisky that gets much better with age and shines once over 20. These 21’s are no exception to that rule, they’re tasty, oily, and well presented drams. ‘Tide’ is the more oily of the two, but ‘Time’ with its peaty influence has more interest for me I think. Hard choice though!

Thanks to Jura for the samples!

Jura 21yo Samples

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2 Responses to Review: Jura Time & Tide: Two 21 year olds

  1. Gal Granov says:

    nice stuff from Jura!
    but at 150 quid a pop, not sure VFM is very high. 😉
    that is true for most whiskies these times 🙁

    • Steve Prentice says:

      Exactly… £150 is quite a lot, but it seems to be vaguely in the area of most other OBs of this age these days. But hey, Highland Park 18yo is £120, so go figure.

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