Review: Kingston Black Apple Aperitif

KingstonBlackBottleSomerset Cider Brandy’s Kingston Black Apple  Aperitif – 18% abv

Info: “The outstanding vintage qualities of the rare Kingston Black apple have for generations made it a legend in the orchards of the West Country. We believe that the subtle flavours of this unique blend of apples, spirit and tradition makes a superb aperitif. Kingston Black can also be served ice cold as a dessert wine.”
Colour: Fairly dark crimson red, very wintery looking.
Nose: Autumnal apples, slightly musty and sweet.
Palate: Fairly light and not too thick, sweet, appley with a base that gives it some gravitas.
Finish: Easy and enjoyable with enough alcohol to make you smile because of a fairly warming and long finish. I could imagine this working with a strong cheddar cheese.
Thoughts: Fruity with a slightly spiced quality. It’s suggested this works well cold, I’d also suggest it’d work really well warmed up as there’s a mulled type of quality to it. Either way it’s a fabulously fruity and indulgent alternative to other wintery drinks such as port, sherry or dessert wines… and being a drink produced in Somerset it’s nice and local! Give it a try, a bottle for less than a tenner is most definitely worth a punt.
Extra: It’s a great start into Somerset Cider Brandy’s range, but there are many more drinks in their range with some real crackers, my favourite being their Cider Brandy 10 year old. For my article on a visit to them, and a review of their range, click here.
Available: The Whisky Exchange – £8.65 or Somerset Cider Brandy’s online shop.

My own stock.


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