Review: Label 5 Gold Heritage

label5-800Label 5 Gold Heritage – 40% abv

Info: At the end of 2014 Label 5 (owned by La Martiniquaise who also own Glen Moray – the blend’s main component) released “Gold Heritage” to expand their range. It’s a blend containing a mix of whiskies including single malts up to 20 years old, the result being an exceptionally smooth whisky loaded with fruit, spice, warm vanilla oak and subtle smoke.
Colour: Spring sun gold.
Nose: Some grain top notes leading into a sweet fruity malt base. Touches of oak and sherry sweetness. There’s some quality malt backing this blend up for sure.
Palate: Instant honey sweetness with touches of oaky wood giving it depth to join the brown sugars and malt.
Finish: Slightly longer than expected with some warming spices and hints of peat smoke leading the way to a warm chest feeling. Younger oak notes hang around at the end.
Thoughts: The blend is smooth and balanced. It’s not a dram you often see in the UK (although you can get it at the Glen Moray visitors centre if you swing by for a tour), but keep your eyes open for it and give it a whirl if you see it. A pleasant dram at a good price.
Available: Available in Australia, China and the USA. RRP $40.

Thanks to Label 5 for the generous sample.


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