Review: Littlemill – Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company)

littlemill-that-boutiquey-whisky-company-whiskyLittlemill Batch 1 (That Boutique-y Whisky Company) – NAS – 50cl, 47.40%

Colour: Light, bright straw.

Nose: Spicey wood, creaminess, vanilla, thinners, farmey barley. Leave it for a good long time to open up, when you do huge citrus is there.

Palate: Interesting! Doesn’t follow the nose too much (at first), on the palate you’ll find buckets of summer citrus fruits and slightly brown bananas. The mouthfeel is pretty thick and oily and the spices found on the nose are really easy going on the palate, it’s smooth and velvety, with slight notes of the type of bourbon maturation that I like in Tomatin.

Finish: Summery, subtle, medium length and fruity. Sweet enough but not over powering sweetness, however also no bitterness, I guess you’d say well balanced!

Water: Didn’t try any, didn’t really think it needed any.

Thoughts: I had no idea what to expect from this dram… And I was really impressed. It’s almost Jackal and Hyde like at first, in that I found the nose didn’t really match with the palate, the palate being better than the nose maybe made out. However with time to open up in the glass they start to match up much more. An easy going quality dram that I’d happily sup on of an evening, more of a summers evening mind you. Although it’s NAS it’s probably (read definitely) made up majoritively of 21yo+. 91.

Sadly sold out at time of posting, keep your eyes open for batch 2 which I’m sure will be as good.

There are still 3cl drams of this available, so if you’re ordering anything else from Master of Malt then grab a couple and enjoy!

Thanks to Master of Malt for the sample.

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