Review: Loch Lomond – TBWC Batch 1

loch-lomond-that-boutiquey-whisky-company-whiskyI recently reviewed and Inchmurrin which is produced by the same distillery as todays review, Loch Lomond. So without further ado let’s take a look at Master of Malt / That Boutique-y Whisky Company – Loch Lomond – TBWC Batch 1, 52.4%.

Colour: Full gold. Nose: A nose that seems familiar, but odd, chemically. It’s a grain whisky so it has quite a different nose to a single malt, there’s spices and something really fresh about it amongst creaminess.
Palate: Hot and spicy, this is one whisky that gives you a kick. The palate has parallels with the nose but is sweeter and less chemically than you’d imagine, it’s actually quite nice, gingery and fiery.
Finish: A little smoother than you’d imagine from the palate, it’s very warming, but good. Medium in length.
Thoughts: Like with the Inchmurrin this also comes from Loch Lomond distillery, although this is a single grain rather than a single malt. As a single grain it’s quite interesting, although not entirely to my tastes (but it would be to others I’m sure). 82.

Thanks to Master of Malt for the sample.
Available from Master of Malt for £37.95.


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