Review: Mortlach 22 year old (Old and Rare)

m22bigMortlach 22yo (Old and Rare) – 56.8% abv

Info: Hunter Laing’s Old and Rare platinum range with 120 bottles from a sherry butt. A Whisky Shop exclusive bottling.

Colour: Dark rusty gold.

Nose: Deep and rich, old leather and furniture polish. Autumn stewed fruits and a dollop of vanilla custard.

Palate: Nice and thick, smooth at first with heat and spices building fairly fast, it is quite high strength after all. Once you get used to that you come on to stewed winter fruits and rich old oak flavours.

Finish: Gently building, smooth at first in to a very long and warming effect on your chest. A balanced sweetness lasting till the end, with very little in the way of any tannin sourness.

Water: Water allows out just a little more of the sherry notes, and makes it a lot easier on the palate by reducing the abv and spices.

Thoughts: A big old classic sherried dram that’s great for later on in an evening and for contemplating; there’s no rush to drink this dram, put your feet up.

Would I recommend: For more seasoned whisky drinkers then yes, for new folk then maybe work up to it in time.

Available: The Whisky Shop – £335

Thanks to The Whisky Shop for the sample.


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